HerCapital & Public: Let’s Talk Stocks

HerCapital x Public: Let’s Talk Stocks is a discussion on the thought process and analysis required when deciding to invest in specific companies and stocks. 

Beyond understanding the basics of personal finance and investing, this event focuses on the questions to ask when going from identifying a stock (A) to actually investing in it (B). What are the decision-making and evaluation processes that one should consider when moving from A to B? What are some best practices recommended by industry experts? The audience will be able to submit sample companies or sectors for the speakers to evaluate as examples. 

We are excited to put together this event in partnership with Public, a commission-free social investing app. Note: this discussion is for educational purposes only and is not meant to provide investment advice or recommendations. See disclaimers for more details.

Check out recording here. ?

Ashley Louise

Ashley Louise is an entrepreneur and advocate for women. She is currently the Co-founder & CEO of Ladies Get Paid, a platform that champions the professional and economic advancement of women. With over 75,000 members from over 100 countries worldwide, Ladies Get Paid provides women with the tools, resources and community they need to secure a future on their own terms and succeed in their careers. To date, Ladies Get Paid has helped women negotiate over $100,000,000 in raises. Ashley is a former grassroots organizer, working for national nonprofits like the Human Rights Campaign and the Sierra Club, and most recently was the Head of Business Development at Vimeo. Ashley graduated from Cornell University in 2010 with a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations, is a 2019 New Leaders Council Fellow, and an avid pantsuit enthusiast.

Rebecka Zavaleta

Rebecka Zavaleta grew up first-gen in Compton and Lynwood CA. After graduating from Penn, Rebecka worked building startup products in fintech and adtech. She founded First Milli with the goal of enabling her communities to reach their first million in net worth. She’s intimately familiar with personal finance as she has worked in mapping out algorithms that determine loan requirements and operationally-optimized a credit repair business.