How Adopting These Habits Can Help Save You Up To An Extra $1000 a Month

There’s a lot of literature that demonstrates that humans are able to achieve greater feats when they focus all of their energy on a goal. Take the COVID-19 vaccine for example, the vaccine was created in record time. We can apply the same idea with habits.

1. Be More Conscious (Intentional) vs. Reactionary (Bird Brain)

It’s like Dave Ramsey says “If you don’t tell your money where to go it’ll go ____”. Think twice before buying that $30 pack of truffle chocolates. Perhaps spend more time online shopping and wait a full day before clicking on “buy”. Or limit your physical shopping to a hand basket.

Estimated Money Saved: $____

2. Bulk Buying

Every 2–3 months, plan a trip to a wholesaler like Costco or Sam’s Club. If you think the membership costs are too high find a friend that is willing to split it with you and set bulk buying dates.

Estimated Money Saved: $____

3. Meal Prep Sundays

On Sundays, try spending the morning thinking about what you would like to eat for that week. Consider making a maximum of 3 different dishes and make the portions large enough for leftovers. This can take between 3-4 hours and can save you a lot of time during the week. Time that you can spend doing other things. And, it’s more cost efficient.

Otherwise, cooking on a weekday can take 2–3 hours daily with cleaning.

Have a your meal portioned in a container, so when you’re stressed you can easily grab it, and with a store bought wine bottle, relax in your living room and enjoy your meal.

Estimated Money Saved: $____

4. Minimalism

Clutter can stress you out. It can take over unnecessary space. This clutter over time may not serve you. We highly recommend the following book to practice more minimalism The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

It’s simple, according to Marie Kondo, if you’re unsure about a piece of clothing, you simply pick it up, and if it makes you feel good you keep it. Same can be applied to furniture. Take a good look at something, and if that area of your home provides you with more unhappiness than happiness, make room for it. Perhaps replace it with plants.

One can also practice minimalism in their digital life. Spend a weekend unsubscribing from newsletter that encourage you to buy in areas that no longer serve you. In fact, if you want access to these deals, simply create a junk email so you can sign up and still receive these discounts when needed. Or use the app/chrome extension Honey.

Estimate Money Saved: $______