Episode #02: Exploring Pakistan’s Personal Finance and Economy

Welcome to First Milli’s Next-Gen Wealth Podcast.

First Milli explores how people are growing their wealth all around the world. In this episode we invited a development consultant from Pakistan, Raja Jawad.

Here, we take a journey to Islamabad, Pakistan its capital. We learn how personal finance works and how Jawad has built his wealth through his business.

“Some of these facilities that you avail through these credit cards sound like fairy tales” – Jawad in responding to credit hacking a flight to Pakistan at $600 vs. $1200.

Episode Insights:

  • Personal finance is structured mostly around the family nucleus. Families tend to share finances to make ends meet. Living with parents is pretty normalized as well as internationally.
  • Jawad has built his wealth by generating business income via his consultant agency.
  • Jawad is mostly a real estate investor.
  • Investing in the Pakistani stock market is currently not a trend, at least for Jawad, due to the fact that it is too risky.