Goodies: Our Favorite Wealth Building Tools ?

? Note, some of these tools contain affiliate links, when clicked they earn us revenue at no cost to you. These links enable us to continue creating quality, free content. We’re an independent party and we evaluate based on our own experiences.



Public is a fun easy to use investing app where you’re able to easily invest straight from your phone. Invest commission-free and check out everyone’s portfolio. Including ours at @firstmilli.


Titan is our favorite robo-advisor. We have compared the performance of robo-advisor across other robo-advisors and it has always come on top. We highly recommend kicking off investing with them. Click here.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital helps you easily keep track of your net worth. As you pass the $10k Net Worth you’ll start getting a bird’s eye point of view and become more strategic with how you grow your wealth.


We’re fans of slow and steady. Many first time investors love Acorns because it helps them reduce indecision and get started in investing. Invest spare change.

Side Hustles


Level up your skills by taking a class to build a website and start your own blog or learn how to run ads. The sky’s the limit. We often use this to quickly download a new hack. Try Udemy.


Scott’s Cheap Flights

We know how to buy $50-$100 flights to Mexico and $600 ($1,200) flights to Asia. And part of it involves having Scott’s Cheap Flights in your arsenal for Travel Hacking. After 38 countries of experience we highly recommend them. Including their FREE version.